Did You Know?

Did you know that in Austin, the price you pay to rent a home is nearly the same as renting an apartment? It’s been said that in 2015 Austin’s apartments will raise the price on rent again! Sure apartments have amenities and a lot of nice features, but if you’re going to pay a good amount every month, why not find a nice home for right around the same price monthly? Not only would gain more privacy, but also a yard, more space and even have the freedom to decorate according to your lifestyle. Now don’t get me wrong, apartments are convenient and can be a lot less maintenance than a home, but don’t be under the impression that you don’t have any other options. There was a time when apartments were really meant for those trying to stay on a budget, but this is 2015 and times sure have changed. Are you ready to move into the home of your dreams and get the most for your money? What are you waiting for? Give us a call!