We used the Dyron Taylor group in 2013-2014 to find our dream home. We searched for about six months, put multiple offers on homes, and lost out on many. Dyron was amazing at keeping us positive and grounded throughout the whole process. The housing market in Austin was at its height, and Dyron was really good at informing us about what we needed to do to stay at the top of our game. We were not the easiest clients to work with because we were very specific about what we wanted, and even if the house was amazing and seemingly hit all our criteria, if it didn’t have that certain “vibe”, we didn’t put an offer on it. Dyron was extremely supportive and thoughtful throughout the whole process and respected our choices and encouraged us to follow our gut. He was available to us at all hours and would return our calls very promptly. Throughout the closing process, his team was very good at keeping us updated on what we needed to have, what docs we needed to turn in, and what timelines and deadlines we needed to meet. They were very thorough and we felt very comfortable with our home and purchase in their hands. We can honestly say that you will not go wrong if you select the Dyron Taylor group to help you find your home!

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